Teachers Change Lives…in a Failed System.

Armando Christian PĂ©rez was on the View this morning and inspired me to write about his past, present, and outlook on education. Armando opened up an estimated ten locations, since 2013, of his SLAM charter school network in various states. SLAM stands for Sports Leadership and Management. Though he did not graduate from high schoolContinue reading “Teachers Change Lives…in a Failed System.”

Pay Teachers More? HOW DARE YOU!?

Texas teachers have been waiting patiently [for years] for pay raises that match the pay of other professions. Currently, Texas legislators are working on an education reform bill that will potentially give educators more money in their pockets. Does this sound too good to be true? Many teachers are depending on their districts to giveContinue reading “Pay Teachers More? HOW DARE YOU!?”

Teacher Planning Time… Know Your Rights!

In Texas, law states that teachers are entitled to a daily 45-minute planning period that should be only used for lesson planning, parent conferences, and grading. Teachers do NOT have to attend other planned meetings set forth by their school and district leaders, peers, and so on. Teachers either do not know this law orContinue reading “Teacher Planning Time… Know Your Rights!”