About Dr. Hampson

Doctor of Education, Curriculum and Instruction I Liberty University

Master of Education, Education Admin. & Supervision I Liberty University

Bachelor of Science, Physical Education K-12 I University of South Florida

Professional Experience

I have over seven years of K-8 classroom experience, sales and management, and adult coaching with many years of educational learning, teaching and development, community relations and involvement, and effective instructional design, practice, and policy. My dissertation examined pre-service physical educators’ perceptions of their professional preparedness. I am a combat veteran of the United States Army where I endured a year in the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I currently work in high education. As an educator, I have coached over 50 disadvantaged adults to earn their GEDs at a private organization and mentored hundreds of underprivileged students to meet and exceed their academic growth goals. I taught fifth grade mathematics and K-5 physical education, both at public and charter schools in the state of Texas and Florida.

I am passionate about teachers’ rights and advocating for their happiness and satisfaction. Too often, teachers express their love for the profession because they love being in their classrooms with their kids; however, the other aspects of the field drive them crazy. Seriously! It’s time that teachers take their own health and wellness into their own hands! Students’ success is the goal, but teachers must be stable and happy to give 110%, effectively. I left the profession because of poor leadership, school drama, and politics, but I love the kids and miss them greatly!

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