Did YOU know?

The first first lady to earn a bachelor’s degree was Lucy Hayes, Wife of Rutherford B. Hayes. [Source: first ladies.org]

Rome, Italy will host the world conference on Future of Education this month on September 12th-14th, covering a variety of topics from education policy, pedagogy, and psychology to adult education, E-learning, research, and assessment.

A non-profit organization can make a profit; however, cannot give its monies to private individuals. The National Council of Nonprofits insists that tax-exempt organizations are formed to benefit the public, not individuals.

According to the Council for American Private Education, the average tuition of attending a private elementary school is approximately $7,770, while the average tuition at a private secondary school is roughly $13,030.

The hype over the social media craze of the new Popeyes’ chicken sandwich brought in an estimated ad value of $23.25 million, according to Broadway Media. Popeyes spent zero on ads. How can we make this happen in order to reform our education system?!?

Betsy DeVos, our current Secretary of Education, has long promoted the privatization of schools. She once chaired the American Federation for Children, a pro voucher, school choice organization. DeVos played a major role in the failed school reform that disparaged Detroit Public Schools.

According to USAFACTS.ORG, more young people are living at home with their parents, and family households are shrinking due to an increase of single households; married households are having fewer children.

Lyndon B. Johnson taught in Cotulla, Texas at what was known as a ‘Mexican School” long before he became President of the United States.

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