a higher standard.

Educators! You are held to a higher standard. A higher standard than even our President of the United states is held. While Trump gets to tweet about anything and everything that comes to his mind at any given moment, educators might want to ruminate about the idea of socially voicing similar opinions. Since before Trump took office, he has used his Twitter platform to inform, story tell, and bless those who follow or care about the hamster wheel turning in his brain.

Educators! You aren’t Trump! In fact, you shouldn’t want to associate with anything that embodies the character of Trump. Where does he fit into our humane, respected society? Where is Trump’s decency and moral duty to treat his American people with kindness and equality? His name calling, alone, disparages the principles and ideologies expected of the Office of the President of the United States.

A teacher in Fort Worth, right down the street from my residence in Dallas, decided to idiotically TWEET @THEREALDONALDTRUMP over of, what she calls, a takeover of illegal immigrant students. She was FIRED [ironic, eh] unanimously by the school board. The teacher assumed her tweet was a private matter [on a public platform?!?] between her and POTUS.

Social media has become quite the adversary within the workforce regarding freedom of speech. Most should know by now that social media and personal platforms can and will be used against you . . . and guess what? It will be used against you. In education, specifically, social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snap Chat are just several platforms where educators should be abstaining from sharing ‘too much’ information, stories, and opinions.

So why would this teacher feel the need to publicly reach out to Trump? Isn’t her job to educate all students, regardless of background, status, race, etc.? Why wouldn’t a teacher want to help a child to become a more well-rounded, respectful member of society? Isn’t that what we need in our communities? Aren’t we supposed to honor our American values by providing welcoming, safe spaces to ensure that all students experience a quality education to be successful in life? That’s where the higher standard comes in. Educators should be ensuring higher standards of educational experiences within the walls of their classrooms and schools.

As Americans, actually . . . as people, aren’t we supposed to accept and tolerate those around us who are different? In a professional setting, we sure do. Why is it that some want to use their platforms to encourage rift and uproar among their neighbors and community? I understand the importance of social media and having a platform to promote an agenda. After all, I have my own blog. However, a platform must maintain a certain style and standard in order to hold its value, depending on the type of platform and the intended audience.

I’ve learned most about people with differences by having conversations, asking questions, and being respectful. I’ve taught illegal immigrant students and American students with illegal parents. I’ve also worked with and taught people of all races, convictions, and cultures. We can’t stay comfortable within our own ‘bubbles’ and expect to learn about human beings with differences. I push boundaries with people to enthuse learning opportunities, bond, and build trust. As a Caucasian male, I want to be a pillar for diversity and equality among my minority friends and neighbors. Not everyone is treated equally.

Though, I feel this [former] Fort Worth teacher had every right to babble on about her views to Trump [and anyone else], she also has to maintain that respectful level of standard. If I was her student or a student’s parent and I found out that she tweeted Trump about a matter dear to my heart and personal situation, I may not hold her in the same light. Our relationship and connection may be thwarted by her poor decision to publicly act indecent. The teacher should have abandoned her post to find a profession that pairs with her ethics and morals. There are lots of jobs in . . . um . . . well, that’s for another blog.

Anyway, educators, think, think, think before you put something on any platform that may come back to haunt and be used against you because you decided to lower your standard. Emails and even personalized text messages have been used against people in the workplace. Remember, if you are in a position where your ethical and moral values don’t reflect those of your profession, you should probably make some changes.

STOP THE HATE! TWEET SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOUR FOLLOWERS LAUGH, respectfully. Bring people together. Go to a coffee shop and talk to someone. Meet someone new, different, and extraordinary. Simply, be nice! Enjoy a walk outside and reflect on how you can be a better person and make a difference in society.

Every year, I’d show my students a Soul Pancake video of strangers in a ball pit who talk and question one another to find their own ‘common.’ IT’S HEARTFELT AND TOUCHING.

Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfHV4-N2LxQ


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