Yesterday, I was eating at a local Mexican restaurant and noticed a child, about 10 years old staring at me as he passed by. He and his family were eating next to our booth, behind where I was positioned. The boy was on his phone and he passed by a couple of more times. I finally turned around and asked if they had gone to Uplift Education, a local charter school that I worked at. The family said, “Yes.” I then asked if the boy went to Luna, where I taught physical education years ago. The family became overly joyed as they responded with, “Yes, he does!”

The boy is going into the 5th grade next school year. I was his PE teacher when he was in kindergarten! I was ecstatic to run into him and his family. His name is Adrian and he remembered me from so long ago! He immediately asked me if we could take a picture together! Man, kids know how to make you feel like a celebrity [especially when you run into them outside the classroom].

Adrian’s family and I continued talking for a bit longer about school and education in general. The family was just so happy that we ran into one another and the grandmother remembered me as the PE teacher and the guy who directed traffic in the school’s daily carline!

Teachers, embrace these moments when they happen to you! I was always hesitant, at first, to run into my students when I was a teacher. At times, I would run the other way! I know you have, too! Now, I look forward to those moments! I always say that teachers love the aspect of teaching and being in the classroom with their students. It’s the other ‘stuff‘ [and other stakeholders] that destroys the profession. But running into prior students trumps the negative ‘stuff’ and horrible experiences that I endured outside of the classroom, away from my students.

The family took my blog info and I look forward to keeping in touch with them! Keep in touch!

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