Elementary School Teacher ‘ALLEGEDLY’ Threatened Her School After Resignation. What if She’s Innocent?

When I first read the headline of this teacher who threatened to ‘shoot up’ her school after she resigned, I thought, “Maybe it’s true, but what if she actually hadn’t done so?”

People are so quick to assume guilt, of many situations. The word ‘ALLEGEDLY’ means accused, but not proven.

When I left teaching, I felt there were teachers who planted things in their brains in regards to unimaginable, unethical behaviors. With zero proof, these said teachers, gossiped, of course, creating unimaginable scenarios in their heads. In schools, particularly elementary schools, gossip makes its way around like the plague. I pretty much considered working in the elementary school setting as being on the set of Big Brother.

To my point, because the principal didn’t fancy me much, and these teachers disliked me (because I had previously put them in their places for talking sh*t about me and others), I feel their target on me could’ve easily ended with me in a similar situation that this teacher in North Carolina who ‘allegedly’ threatened her school is in now. I’m not saying she’s innocent, but I’m not saying she’s guilty.

I’ve learned that people, particularly, people in high positions take care of one another, sometimes covering up for them in bad situation. Because of credentials, principals are ‘allegedly’ always correct when it comes to their viewpoints because of their high positions and relationships with higher ups in the district. Throughout my short time with my last principal, I realized that she could [and did] make some pretty little white lies in many of her statements about me; however, because she’s the principal and could portray me as insubordinate, I wouldn’t stand a chance.

Give this teacher an opportunity to prove herself innocent or guilty.

Oh! And on another note, the law is designed to make money from the accused. That story to come…

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