Happy Pride, Teachers.

As I sit and ponder my thoughts on this beautiful Friday afternoon in Dallas, Texas, I cannot escape the social media focused on PRIDE WEEKEND this weekend. While pride has made several changes this year as far as location goes, I want to highlight all of the current, past, and future LGBTQIA educators. When IContinue reading “Happy Pride, Teachers.”

Shifting Schools to 4-Day Weeks

It’s time for school districts to reflect on their current systems in order to compete in the education world. It’s time to change educational trends to attract better teachers while improving functionality and implementation. Isn’t it about time that school leaders shift their organizations’ policies and regulations to meet the growing trends of society? AContinue reading “Shifting Schools to 4-Day Weeks”

Bernie and Charter Schools

Charter schools have been a hot topic in recent years because of its school of choice regulations, yet, many Americans have a difficult time deciphering the difference between public, charter, and private schools. Most recently, Bernie Sanders (D), a presidential candidate, announced a policy, A Thurgood Marshall Plan for Public Education, that would ‘Create anContinue reading “Bernie and Charter Schools”

Teachers Ask, Community Gives.

The school year is coming to a close for many teachers, though, the stress and anxiety for the next school year has already begun. As teachers start to enjoy their shortened, needed summer breaks, they’re already planning in their heads what they’ll need for next year’s kiddos. People acknowledge that teachers are poorly paid, butContinue reading “Teachers Ask, Community Gives.”

Teachers Change Lives…in a Failed System.

Armando Christian PĂ©rez was on the View this morning and inspired me to write about his past, present, and outlook on education. Armando opened up an estimated ten locations, since 2013, of his SLAM charter school network in various states. SLAM stands for Sports Leadership and Management. Though he did not graduate from high schoolContinue reading “Teachers Change Lives…in a Failed System.”

Pay Teachers More? HOW DARE YOU!?

Texas teachers have been waiting patiently [for years] for pay raises that match the pay of other professions. Currently, Texas legislators are working on an education reform bill that will potentially give educators more money in their pockets. Does this sound too good to be true? Many teachers are depending on their districts to giveContinue reading “Pay Teachers More? HOW DARE YOU!?”


Yesterday, I was eating at a local Mexican restaurant and noticed a child, about 10 years old staring at me as he passed by. He and his family were eating next to our booth, behind where I was positioned. The boy was on his phone and he passed by a couple of more times. IContinue reading “HEY COACH! THE REASON WHY I TAUGHT.”

Hands Up! Watch Your Mouth!

Texas senate passed a bill that Governor Greg Abbott(R) will most likely sign into law that will allow so-called SCHOOL MARSHALS (teachers…yes, teachers) to have access to guns intended to protect students and prevent school shootings. As a previous educator, I want to whole-heartedly denounce this bill as the worst possible solution to preventing schoolContinue reading “Hands Up! Watch Your Mouth!”

Elementary School Teacher ‘ALLEGEDLY’ Threatened Her School After Resignation. What if She’s Innocent?

When I first read the headline of this teacher who threatened to ‘shoot up’ her school after she resigned, I thought, “Maybe it’s true, but what if she actually hadn’t done so?” People are so quick to assume guilt, of many situations. The word ‘ALLEGEDLY’ means accused, but not proven. When I left teaching, IContinue reading “Elementary School Teacher ‘ALLEGEDLY’ Threatened Her School After Resignation. What if She’s Innocent?”

Next Year…STAY OR GO?

It’s that time of the year when teachers are exhausted, annoyed, and ready for summer. With summer fast approaching, one would think that teachers would be feeling less tense and anxiety. In fact, it’s simply the opposite for many teachers. Some are enduring summer school to make ends meet, financially, and many are contemplating onContinue reading “Next Year…STAY OR GO?”

Teacher Planning Time… Know Your Rights!

In Texas, law states that teachers are entitled to a daily 45-minute planning period that should be only used for lesson planning, parent conferences, and grading. Teachers do NOT have to attend other planned meetings set forth by their school and district leaders, peers, and so on. Teachers either do not know this law orContinue reading “Teacher Planning Time… Know Your Rights!”

Welcome to my Blog!

I created this blog to give insight into my ‘undesirable’ experiences in education as an outspoken minority within the profession. Educators refrain from standing their ground, sticking up for their rights, and ensuring their own satisfaction and happiness because of the failed system and/or retaliation from administration, peers, and politics. I want to provide anContinue reading “Welcome to my Blog!”