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  • The Mentality of Elementary School Teachers
    Throughout the years, I've met many educators who have worked at all levels of the profession. There's one that has always stuck out to me. The elementary school … Read more
  • Work Toxicity: Being the Change
    Would you rather: A) Work in a happy, joyous environment with zero toxicity; lower wage? B) Work in a highly toxic, stressful environment filled with tension; higher wage? … Read more
  • Teaching at Title I Schools vs. Privileged Schools. Does it Matter?
    Yesterday, I had a few friends over for game night with food and drinks. While playing games, education came up. In fact, education comes up often with us … Read more
  • Professional Development.
    It’s that time of year where school leaders and committees are gearing up for the beginning of the school year, with hours upon hours of teacher and staff … Read more
  • a higher standard.
    Educators! You are held to a higher standard. A higher standard than even our President of the United states is held. While Trump gets to tweet about anything … Read more
  • Happy Pride, Teachers.
    As I sit and ponder my thoughts on this beautiful Friday afternoon in Dallas, Texas, I cannot escape the social media focused on PRIDE WEEKEND this weekend. While … Read more
  • Shifting Schools to 4-Day Weeks
    It's time for school districts to reflect on their current systems in order to compete in the education world. It's time to change educational trends to attract better … Read more
  • Bernie and Charter Schools
    Charter schools have been a hot topic in recent years because of its school of choice regulations, yet, many Americans have a difficult time deciphering the difference between … Read more
  • Teachers Ask, Community Gives.
    The school year is coming to a close for many teachers, though, the stress and anxiety for the next school year has already begun. As teachers start to … Read more

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